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How to Choose A Healthy Protein Bar

There is a long list of protein bar types available for a person to choose from, which have been brought by the increased rate of advertising and the ease of information availability. It is good to always examining the label of protein bars because they come with different levels of sugar, calories, additives, fats and other ingredients and this would make you find yourself destroying instead of adding to your health.

Protein bars can be expensive although they are mainly made by ingredients that can be assembled easily at home, but are convenient because you can boost your energy and health without needing to sit down for a meal. Protein requirements for people are not standard whereby they vary from person to person, and hence they should be calculated before a person goes forward to purchase and consume protein energy bars.

Protein is important for many body functions to take place and yet the body cannot produce it yet it is digested to amino acids which are used to build and maintain organs and bodies, and has vital significance in blood production, tissue connection, enzyme production, and hair growth. According to the Harvard Health, the protein’s Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) is 0.8 grams for every one kilogram of your body weight, which can easily be interpreted to a multiplication of your weight by 0.36 although this fails to employ some vital factors.

Due to the significance of proteins in building muscles, people who are more active like athletes and jobs that require physical efforts, and also pregnant and breastfeeding women require more of it than other people. In determining the quantity of protein needed, the United States Department of Agriculture has come up with a calculator, in their website that assists a person determine their nutritional requirements, including the needed daily protein intake based on almost all factors that come into play, including sex, age, and activity levels. Find out more on

A trick that is useful in determining the source of your protein is selecting the one that has a low fat saturation, is rich in nutrients and has low levels of processed carbs. To get the best bar for yourself, look for a bar with at least 20 grams of protein if you work out a lot, inspect the ingredients to make sure you are not allergic to any of them, do not consume more than 250 calories if the bar is not being taken in place of a meal, eat more than 3 grams of fiber, and avoid sugar from artificial sweeteners like erythritol. You might want to give a try RBar Energy.

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